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Delete_TwitterHow to delete twitter is a question that many people ask their selves. There are 2 reasons why people want to delete twitter.

The first reason is that they actually don’t use it. Maybe you heard about it and thought you should join but ended up with tons of emails and no tweets at all.

The second reason we often hear is that Twitter became an obsession that they really needed to stop before if would get them into trouble.

Luckily the answer on how to delete twitter is actually quite simple. In just 5 simple steps your twitter account will be  deactivated and with a little patience your account will be deleted forever. If you don’t want to delete twitter but just delete tweetdeck, delete tweetsdelete followers or read stupid tweets take a look at one of the other pages.

Delete Twitter

• Step 1 The first thing to do is to sign in on
This shouldn’t be too hard ;) .  If you lost don’t know your login details go here.

twitter settings• Step 2 Go to the Account settings.
You find the settings box on the top right of your page. Select the second last option; settings.

• Step 3 Click on the bottom of the page on Deactivate my account.
Don’t worry your account isn’t removed yet.

• Step 4 Say Good bye to Twitter.
Once you say good bye you need to fill in your password once more and your account will be deactivated.

• Step 5 Don’t Tweet
Make sure you don’t login or tweet for the coming 30 days as your account will be activated again. If you stand this challenge your account will be permanently removed.


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